Today we saw everyone cry and wish you well for the final time...we recalled your life and remembered what you meant to us!!Sometimes it takes a tragedy to have us realize that the future is a little less bright because you won't be in it.

Celebrate your life as we watched you wither almost to nothingness.A quiet calm entered your soul ... left behind was where you once dwelt.Your eyes no longer shined and closed --the end of your time here.Hands held --cold and heavy.We say why didn't make the time to say more or do more together?

Are my tears from pain or guilt?? We start to question our own mortality and know that i might be called next.Bless you Steve really going to miss you...big bro!!

I remember sitting on your shoulders and how tall you seemed.Remember how disappointed when you went to jail and never said a word.A quiet anger consumed Or how you lied yet i still cared for you knowing that you NEVER found the serenity in this lifetime but decided to live a hell each and every day.Yet you knew love but refused it.

Your inner demons spoke to you........ you answered.... lost to their power/enticement.May angels protect you,keep you till learn to fly home with broken wings!!