My middle daughter is speaking on this topic for her Ojibwa native storytelling legend this year.It is based on the Merganser diving duck and how the Winter Maker tries to kill(starve,freeze and drown) this little fishing creature as it's the only one who seems to withstand all the ice,snow and blizzards that the coldest months of the year throws in it's way.Bear,skunk, fox and everyone else remain asleep inside their dens.While it's a Very long/deep legend and one i thought would be very difficult for her to do...maybe the Lord made it this to be a TRUE learning opportunity for her.She could easily be this little duck who has been greatly underestimated and not seen for all "her inner strength and ingenuity".In the beginning the duck has and does exactly what it needs to do in order to survive despite the odds of it's survival being quite bleak.yet that's exactly what it does...survive and do what it must to continue on despite being small and alone.Just like the merganser that fishes and gets what it needs to survive.So like my daughter when the odds are against her and everyone has counted her out (all except for me that is I will always be in her corner cheering her on) knowing that though she maybe smaller to NEVER count her out!!There maybe be many obstacles in her life no doubt about it but even those that seem insurmountable can be surpassed.The strength one has inside spiritually is what really counts!!!It's what we're made of which brings true spirit measures character's depth.what we learn along the way decides what we really know and later react with

For English translation-- Friend,Friend,Come In,come in,sit with me,OR leave me alone,You are but my fellow man,Not hardly can you do ME in!!!

So in the end mighty Winter Maker concludes to leave the little duck alone to survive and live the way it has all along because it does survive and shows No fear.What we learned most from this legend is nothing that is small should ever be made to seem unimportant OR insignificant NO matter the obstacle.Dive in and get exactly what you need....the depth you need to go for what you need will always determine how you come up again next time and then gets easier.The best legends are the ones we live/place value in and take stock for our lives and pass to the next generation!!Remember the next time you read something with your child let them understand what's truly important!!