Without going into too many deep negative details of my childhood experiences i thought i would add this into my blog because after reading some posts there is one thing i would like to "stress" the importance of.Everything we say to/about our children (whether they are biologically ours or those we work with) when we show negative responses to them acting out or make them feel like they aren't responding in an acceptable (dare i say normal) way....this gives them even more of a complex than probably what they are experiencing already within themselves.I was diagnosed with several "disorders" when i was a youngster by many professionals who thought they could tell my caregivers everything about "me" within a couple hour consultation and by some of the extensive testing i had been given.As a *** and later a teenager I was experiencing enough difficulty within myself without these "labels" by people who really didn't know me let alone what i was about at the time.Or by being compared to what the "normal/good" kids were like.And i went out to prove just how badass i could be after some of the things i had tried to tell them about myself.(So i did WHATEVER the worst things i could think of..... being how "I" was seen already bad/abnormal/unacceptable) Please do your best to RAISE your kids UP-- don't drag them down(they need to know you're in their corner ALWAYS--sure you won't always agree with what they do and say but you love them unconditionally for who they are already and they need to know that)....chances are they're "stressing" enough about themselves already.

When I learned to accept myself...others did too..warts and all.....turned out nobody was really normal....they just masked it better than i did!!! And it took me the better of 25 years to learn that life lesson.
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