Recently i was asked to be part of a meeting that was discussing someone whom i have assisted/supported in the past to help make suggestions for the future for this person.It astounds me that still in our day and age in the 21st century how so many professionals still think of "disabled" when i am totally of the mind of "differently but VERY abled".First of all we are all people...we want the same things...respect and help when we need it and to be included.Please remember to teach( anyone for that matter) to truly learn to "help myself"first.I too want independence so teach me to be.Remember this may take longer but it's well worth your time & effort as i am worth knowing!!.To learn patience this must be given to me first.

There has never been more opportunities to assist/support those of us who are differently abled but first the individuals who do help/assist the people have to change their view of how THEY view/treat us let alone what they think we need.Ask me and i will let you know MY input.Well first and foremost they can STOP dissing on the differently "ABLED"..limiting us further with the labels of their fables. It will be when attitudes change that the real changes can become reality and be of this century!!!WE are all people doing the best we can the only way we know please STOP dissing "differently abled" can be done by knowing and striving for the best yet never assuming or limiting what you don't really know before you give us a chance.The only thing you should assume(ASSuR2me is how this rings in my brain) is how you are perceived when you speak about us and the matters and/or tones used instead of to us in lowered expectations and in judgmental tones.
  • kmdd22 I have come to a sudden stop as regards my friendship with Margaret.  The only contact will be through a worker at Vision Australia.  She brought my bicycle and red coat from Vision Australia a few minutes age and we may not be in contact with each other for several weeks after the Police contact me