Most of the world is far from accepting let alone understanding as we have all experienced from our past mistakes.They find faults in others yet never acknowledge that may possess some.Many people tend to prey upon vulnerability/weakness with a sense of superiority or are highly critical.

Wouldn't it be better to think before you prey unduly on these individuals.We should never feel better by making someone less ..feel insignificant.It adds to the heavy hearts/spirits many of us carry well into adulthood.There maybe be a simple solution.... but we have to first monitor these thoughts BEFORE they become hurtful words/memories we can't take back...the ones that scar the soul we carry inside.They become the chips that make shoulders heavy and cripple some futures/dreams.They become the obstacles which block our way..........instead of opening a door.....reaching out a hand to help.

Please try to pray (not specifically in a religious sense)that we will know that the positive will always outweigh the negative.Pray that others become stronger/wiser within themselves and realize their potential and dreams.Let them feel the hope,energy/drive that makes their days brighter......and the kindness/understanding/humanity of what our world really should be.Stop being/thinking small.........become more by doing something kind......for humankind(especially here on ASN).Leave a path/footprint so others may walk where you have been and have a comforting/secure future/footing by learning from your experiences/embracing your knowledge ---show just how similar we really are.We can be 'unique' without being rude,judgmental,self righteous,greedy,opinionated,cold........simply by smiling and doing our best and showing it in a respectful manner.Pray for better times so that we all can have them.No matter the context of these rambling words........we all get it.Please be defenders of character not destroyers!!!