My little turtle carries his shell upon his back to hide inside when frightened or tired.
He treads wherever catches his whim survives alone though others of his kind exist.
He suns himself--prefers to swim in solitude as he accepts himself this way.
His shell protects him and is entirely part of WHO he is.While not invincible... plods along taking in the scenery and just enjoying all his life has to offer.
He's naturally inquisitive and will return to favorite haunts throughout his days.

  A quiet member amongst the boisterous neighbors on the riverbed.He doesn't upset anything... still naturally belongs there.One must look to notice him but he IS part of nature wonders.What is really incredible is how he carries that great big weight with him wherever he goes and continues every day throughout his lifetime. Will live a long while and become wise because he's meant to be--the Creator makes NO mistakes.His life's purpose silently survives because he doesn't disturb anything in order to exist.Skills possessed are valued but make no harm to the outside world.

(It is said that the Great turtle helped to make Turtle Island(North America) where we live and that doesn't surprise me as the inner strength the turtle shows is seldom noticed.A quiet contributor but very necessary to keeping the ecosystem healthy.)

My son is SO much like the Great turtle that our clan totem is especially-- his!!