There was a show series i watched that really touched me and it showed how much a community pulled together and helped everyone to benefit to become part of their community.Some helped the unemployed find work or new positions that would benefit them.Some bartered for services they wouldn't actually be able to afford but still needed.Yes there were financial rewards for some but really the ones that worked was the thought behind it (yeah it is stemmed from Oprah's OWN ideas/channel).The ones that really touched me was the one woman who taught another younger lady who had lost a son heal by showing her how to make a keepsake memorial quilt for her son out of pictures and clothing he loved while he was alive.Or the two ladies with the horse riding facility(one whom was developmentally challenged from an accident)who offered the hairdresser riding lessons for a makeover in her salon.There was bonding and value found this makes us who we should be.

So although we aren't all part of the Million Dollar Neighborhood series we can still offer to help one another here when we're able.By being part of our ASN community supporting,caring and helping out when we're able to change and make all of our communities autism friendlier through awareness and kindness.Remember someone else --sacrifice even if but a bit of our time can do just that!!!If we all had Oprah's play if forward type of thinking we would all come from Million Dollar Neighborhoods and would include everyone living within them!! 
  • Mum taught us that....if there is some-one who has a need and we are in a position to fill that need then it is our duty to do so.   Never mind duty. I don't know why it needs a movie or some famous person to jump up and say,'We should do this' We just should anyway.

    I've found that what you give always comes back abundantly. Not always from the hand of the person you helped and often in a very different way.

    I help where and when I can which doesn't mean putting my hand up for every blessed thing as my children MUST come first.

    Time after time through hardship and sorrow we have been lifted up and helped out by the generousity of friends and sometimes even strangers.

    Out the back of our house is a truckload of wood allocated to a friend who didn't have a fireplace. She and her husband couls have sold it for hundreds of dollars but they liked the idea of keeping a friend warm.  We have in the past been gifted the exact amount needed to replace a broken washing machine when Kevin was out of work and we couldn't afford another. We hadn't even told anyone about our need.  These are only a few blessings that have come our way for they are too many to count. It does work but you don't do it for that reason. I think if you did, it wouldn't.  You do it because you care - and you can.

  • Yesterday I read on a Course in Miracles card that the concept of sacrifice is impossible; when we give to others we are not losing anything since any need we see in another person is our own to heal through them..