Today i had some astounding experiences and wish to make record them before i forget them.One was my son attending a summertime children production and how well he handled it.The crowd,the noise and staying in one spot.NO meltdowns and NO problems--so this is what NT parents experience. WOW... amazing... and easy.He LOVED the show and now has proven HE can handle big social events.That's a biggie and it's been a long time coming.He is also commenting now "saying use MY words and look at MY face"I tell him anytime and i make/take that time.It's made the world of difference for HIS communication with us-to us and us to him.He responds because of it.These are now his skills to build on.

Another was my middle daughter and how hard she attempts activities i ask her to try.Ones that interest her but she has been reluctant to due to problems with her balance.Although maybe i push a little i only want her to realize that NOT everyone can accomplish skills like these first time out.Our challenge today skateboarding...i encourage her to get exercise and have fun doing something new.Not be the next Tony Hawk.And to realize that in order to be good at something you must try again and again before it's known and mastered.One can't simply give up and go home.We aren't quitters and in time she will know that she can master anything she puts her mind/body too because in order to overcome fear/anger/anxiety/ must know courage/dedication/confidence/persistence.It from this small accomplishment in late years will become hers.To recall and to pass along.

And through all this today i learned that it has been well worth my time and energy getting to this point not only in this blog but in my life.Life lessons can be revisited at any age as long as one is willing to listen,learn,remember and try to reassure them into our daily life as reminders of the guidance we give each other each and every day.Mine comes from above but it's flowed from my heart,expressed through my words,shown with my hands and created through the extensions of MY life lessons revisited and shared with MY children as parts of me.That is MY enduring legacy.Hope they pass that on.