The reason behind this blog is because someone i care about is experiencing some struggles and this affects their whole family....NOT just their child learning abilities...and their future ones.The ones life lessons give us will always be off kilter unless they are addressed.As a grown person now i will try my darnest to put into place what i can for those on this same journey.

Many of our kids have vision difficulties and perceptions that they see but don't understand because their brain is registering the information they are seeing visually is totally off.They may need vision therapy sort of like what they do to address dyslexia.And many ASD kids have the Central auditory Disorder because of this same reason!!!They can hear but they don't grasp all of what they hear at the same time it's said let alone remember it all.Then people wonder WHY we have trouble responding verbally!!!Please remember in order for us/kids to learn THESE needs have to met to know success in every sense!!IT must make sense to our senses!!While i don't wear glasses to read i do have depth perception problems.

So my problems might not be exactly the same as yours they cause me struggles in areas of my life just the same.And yes this distorts my days and i feel dazed later on.Something can be in sight visually but might not be registering exactly where it is on a physical plane and how my brain processes/reads that information.I have distortion in many areas of my life...not only in social situations but also in descending a staircase!!.

My "behaviors" were a result of "emotional/social immaturity" "vision/listening/focusing/speaking/remembering" and "learning capabilities(disabilities by many POV??)".....and MY NEEDS only became apparent when i became a "parent"...MYSELF ASD in all(dare i post that when i am still discovery that and fusing it together)...that i had to address the "sensory needs" of MY kids from processing my own!!!