Today i attended an all day seminar on the importance of caring for ourselves and it made me realize that sometimes as individuals caring for the needs of others how often this goes overlooked.I related to this not only as a parent but also as someone who regularly cares and supports people who have exceptionally high needs every day in my line of employment.The speaker has worked for the Mental Health Association and is a professional counselor.She has an extensive background in dealing with trauma and what can stem from it.What i liked about her presentation was she stressed the importance of our well being--mentally,physically and emotionally and how when we are n't at the top of our game how quickly we can become physically sick,emotionally depressed and mentally burned out prematurely--so much has to do with our attitude and positive thinking.She started doing this ten years ago because she couldn't find any resources available that people she was counseling could really use...sure there was tons of data available showing all the negatives but none of the positives of what to do about them... On she lists some wonderful examples of cost effective pick me ups to do both at home and at work even if you only have a couple of minutes available.The examples are listed under resources and there are also some great links on there as well.Please value yourself on every level so that you are not only happier/healthy but so that those around you whether at home or work can too!!

We also watched a hilariously funny lady on video named Loretta LaRoche who made me laugh so hard that i almost fell out of my chair.Really I haven't laughed that much or that hard in so long.She also made the point of how as children we laugh with our whole being but as adults we are lucky to crack a smile once a day.......less even for those who walk around miserable and negative looking for absolutely everything to complain about.As this lady did her routine I watched and was easily reminded of so many people around me who do the same things she was poking fun at in her made me know i never wanted to be one of these kinds of people.You know the kind of person who looks like they have been sucking on lemons and wear that facial expression upon their face for all to see all day if some of you would like to check out this lovely woman who now uses laughter for whatever ails you.(For Christmas i am buying myself a couple of her DVD's so that i can pop them in and pick myself up when i need to.The gift i give to myself and my family without them even knowing about it.....guess that makes me my own secret Santa this year:)
  • wow sounds like u had so much fun lmao@ u nearly falling off chair id love to of been there cuz!!

    as for me i got no chance of any me time i have 4 kids here at moment shortly will be 5 and 2 excited dogs i really cant wait for my bath tonight awwwww gunna be lushhhhh xx