Recently I helped to chaperone my son's end of year field trip.It was busy and of course parents who said they would help backed out at the last minute but I thought this sounds fun and wanted to take part.Not only for my boy to give us both a wonderful experience to look back upon.If I don't include myself --I can't expect others to either.I was hesitant to take him as i thought it would be too much for him to handle.Guess what he proved me entirely wrong.A very 'wonderful' wrong as it shows that he is maturing and able to manage much more than even i was aware of.Two he has made some friends this year and ENJOYS having them.And they him.

We went to a waterpark and had lunch there too.There wasn't many parents there but sadly i was one of the only ones who actively participated in it with my son and the other little children once we got there.I later asked myself --it is because i work with children that i naturally do this or it is because of my son and the way he usually is?

The answer to both was yes.Now while it doesn't surprise me in the least that not everyone can do this type of thing because of work restrictions or differences in peoples personalities as they age made me understand how lucky I was to not only have the day off but to know that my son has made meaningful relationships and can be part of community and not be shunned --but totally accepted.He laughed and played the whole time there.Not one meltdown or upset and i knew then that while his condition is far from easy to deal with ---whatever I wasn't sure of before made me realize just how much he has progressed.I am thankful for his wonderful teacher(who i deeply care for and appreciate) and for not only his condition for giving me all the extra insight that it has made me a better person for.(and to this network and it's members)To also know that all the little children in his class will always remember him and be that much more accepting of everyone they encounter as they get older as well.And knowing they are OUR future.Everything they experience will be long remembered and cherished!!They will grow to be loving accepting people for this all because of having my son in their class this year.

We are certainly blessed in many ways here!!.
  • My eight year old son is also on the spectrum and I went to all his field trips in case he had a meltdown, and I have since he was 4.  Luckily my job allowed me to do this.  By doing this I was able to see how he fit with the other kids, how he reacted socially, and how much most of them accepted him the way he was, especially the girls.  There will always be bullied and those who take advantage of him, but of course they didn't while I was there.  I also developed a relationship with all the kids in his class and got many hugs each day when I brought him into school.  If at all possible I encourage parents to do this whenever they can.  It is a wonderful eye opener!