When the weather is comfortably warm sunny and the smell of sweetgrass in the air.White billowing clouds race across the azure sky and a bit of wind gusts through the trees.Sparkle on the blue of the river--boats float by to unknown destinations and the song birds singing while sitting amongst the reeds.....the dragonflies come out to play!! This is what i call a dragonfly day as it is almost a perfect day.The best time to gather one's thoughts, raise up spirits and usually catch fish.Life doesn't really get much better.

Rabbits eat clover (if i haven't cut the grass yet) and butterflies and hummingbirds drink from the feeder.Swan's wings flapping loud against the water surface and call to each other down the way announcing their return from a long stretch of absence.And the ultimate conclusion to the closing of the dragonfly day is observing the sun as it touches with the horizon the dazzling light show shone upon a sleepy evening finale.

And once the nightfall arrives and and it is dark as can be.......the lightning bugs come out and shine their tiny flashlight display!! Sometimes as many as 75-100 showing off right out front like little stars fluttering about close to earth.Much like their bigger counterparts of the moon,planets and shining stars above.Magical yet natural.Flitting around celebrating their own small light of enticement.Charming little illuminating works of wonder.Certainly the most stunning close to a spectacular day.Shows nature's dazzling brilliance in that of a dazed daydream drawn by the engulfing darkness.One is never truly blind only they just choose not to notice what perpetually always been.A light so minute but leads the way..... if you perceive it to be your truth.