We Band Of Sisters And Brothers:

Sibling Relationships and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Military Families 


Are you a current or previous military dependent age 18 or above and have a sibling with Autism Spectrum Disorder?




· The purpose of this study is to learn about your experiences of having a sister or brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder and what it was like growing up with your sibling in a military family. 


· Little is known about the effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on sibling relationships in military families, and studies of these variables are often explored separately. Frequent moves, deployments, parental separation, re-integration of a parent into the family, and endless worry surrounding a nation at war are several of the many sacrifices military families endure for both their country and their children. Military families with a child on the spectrum often face additional challenges...especially in terms of sibling relationships and special needs demands.


· Sharing your experience will inform future research on this topic and contribute to a deeper understanding of the impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder on sibling relationships in the culture of military families.


· Participation involves a discussion that will take place in person or over the Internet by Skype, Google Video or FaceTime and will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


· For your participation in this study, you can choose to receive $20 or to have $20 donated to a charity or organization of your choice that is affiliated with military personnel and their families and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.


For additional information or to participate please contact:

Dawn Ko Mitchell at 872-221-0341 or dkm0313@ego.thechicagoschool.edu


Or Visit: http://www.facebook.com/BandofSistersandBrothers

Thank you kindly for your consideration.