I've never done a blog before so here goes. I guess you're not supposed to use real names so I'll call my son Pumba. (He loves to eat)
At Pumba's 15-month checkup he met all the requirements to be in the "normal" box. He was supposed to know six words and he knew 8. He'd only said each word once or twice but we were assured he was fine.  Then Daddy went on the night shift. By Pumba's 18-month checkup he had zero words. We were referred to another doctor and the next few weeks were a mess of appointments. All for diagnosis. 
We knew what was coming but the night after we were told he had ASD I bawled my eyes out. He's so young he could go either way. I hate not knowing how high functioning he will be. We haven't had any appointments that tell us how to handle this.  What if he gets bullied? What if he wants to get married but never gets the chance? What if he has a kid but is unable to care for it? (I'm a worrier) 

I love my son exactly the way he is. I love his quirks. Now it feels like I'm being told to reject part of him because it's a "symptom."

This past week he's started obsessively climbing on everything. His motor skills are WAY ahead of his communication and cause/effect reasoning so I have no idea how to teach him not to. Today he turned on the garbage disposal. Nothing was in it, but now I have to hover like mad all day. 

Sorry this is all scattered and negative. We've had good things happen too. Ever since Daddy came back to day shift, Pumba has been responding to his name more and will occasionally attempt a word. Really his improvements have been pretty dramatic. But we'll see.