I ask for an angel, an hispanic angel, because I long to have a beatuiful hispanic girl with a really attractive body with curves and with really big lips and a tan colored skin complexion and I long to get one of them and I hope that I'll make more friends at the church, but I want to get a church girl as my girlfriend because church girls are nice, sweet, and they don't judge people by the past, well, not that I don't know of, the reason I ask for one, because the girls at my classroom are completely flashy and very bitchy, and I do like talking to hispanic girls, but I like to get a more positive one and I admire the girls that I used to hang out at Freedom High School, yes, but, I want a church girl, just like Ja Rule met a hispanic girl at this movie, I'm In Love With A Church Girl, and they married. I want that same thing to be my real life fantasy and dream, because it's been like a inspiration for me and I long to make a change in my life and It's been hard for me to get a girlfriend and I can talk and be more sociable at a church, and I love the Lord and how good he's been to me, but I wished that I can get a Puerto Rican/Cuban girl, who's 15 going to 16 and she must be 5"8, look like a model, and has a very cute face that I can give sweet kisses to, I wish that I can have a perfect girlfriend that I admire. 
  • ....alright, dude seriously. take a breath. and widen your circle a little even my dreams arn't  

    THAT closed. just really...your not going to get much luck if your don't be more open minded about a girls looks. Trust me on this one.