What happens when you meet a person in 2012 and you think that person looks like a complete stranger and you began to know the person a little better and found out that she was as nice and beautiful as bright and day, she's mixed, African-American, Irish, German, and Italian, she was very cute and she's a year younger than me and she looks like she's mixed with black and Puerto Rican, but she's really mixed a lot, but after she told me that she was abused and I was abused, I thought I wanted to tell her about my past, but she took it the wrong way and phonebombed me and I never spoke to her again for a year and then at Facebook, she requested me and I accepted it and I promised her we'd start over as a couple, and I would invite her to my house this Saturday night at 6:00 to watch The Notebook and after I learned how to drive, I can come to her house and we can go to dates and that girl has the name Sarah. And that's my name on and off romantic relationships.