My son goes to public school and comes home with A's and B's, He also comes home complaining about other students almost on a daily basis. What really worries me though, especially since I go out of my way to have every possible bully situation taken care of is, my son coming home and telling me that someone is his friend one day then not the next.
             They are telling other kids to avoid him because they are mad at him for whatever reason. Then they will ask him to clean out their desk, and he will say "will you be my friend then?" and they tell him MAYBE? I worry about the long term mental damage that my son will have later on. I have already been diagnosed as Bi Polar, with P.T.S.D and generalized anxiety aka panic attacks.
            I will be removing him from public school for Middle school and enrolling him in a charter school as i was told by the superintendent that Middle school is like a battlefield full of kids especially in public school. She suggested charter school rather than public for those grades, I'm thinking about trying a public high school after the charter school for middle school.