Hello,  I am PJ and have a son who was diagnosed 3 years ago with Infantile Autism.  I am married to the love of my life.  We have a daughter, age 8, and our son, age 6. 

Our family lives in a rural area.  We are far enough from large cities that we are traveling once a week to the OT, PT, & Speech therapists in a city just over 70 miles from home.  We are so lucky to have found this therapy center.  In the time he has been going there, he has made definite progress.

We homeschool our kids.  We had chosen to do so before our daughter was school age.  After having our son's diagnosis, we continued with that same plan for him as well.  In part, the decision was made for him due to lack of services in our area.  

We are doing well with the homeschooling.  He is learning and retains a good amount of what he learns.  One of the best decisions that we made was when I chose a curriculum for him that contains a lot of hands-on activities.  This seems to be how he learns best.

A couple of days ago, at his speech therapist's suggestion, I printed out a PODD book that I found online.  It was one designed by a school teacher who teaches in an autism classroom.  She designed the communication book for her students.  I printed out the book and put it together in a binder last night.  Today (Sunday), I began working with our son in helping him use it.  By evening, he had said two sentences using the book with minimal assistance.  I know that it will take him a little while to learn to use the book independently, but it was great to see him trying and able to make those sentences.  

I have already contacted our pastor and he is very willing to support me teaching the children's church leaders how to communicate with this book so that they can aid our son while he is in class.  It feels so good to have so much support from them.