Well finally, after nearly a year and a half (I know it's sad) I am creating my first blog post. I want to begin this week by sharing what has been happening with me lately. If you've read my info on my profile you already know that I've been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and ADHD in addition to Asperger Syndrome. Again, assuming that you have read my info you also know that I am currently in college and I am very determined to do exceptionally well throughout my college career.

So, over the course of about the last two weeks my OCD has suddenly begun to plague me at the most inconvienant time; when I have just started my sophomore year. I know this website's purpose is to bring together those affected by autism but since I not only have AS but the two illnesses mentioned earlier, I can't help myself but to discuss my experience with them as well.

My first week back at college went exceptionally well and my grades have reflected this.  However, during my second week my OCD starting to plague me for the first time in well, probably two or three years given that I take and anti-depressant to treat it. I am a student who works diligently on homework and other assignments and lately it seems like everytime I do my homework my obsessive-compulsive mind purposely stresses me out so that I am forced to take a break when it knows I NEED and am DETERMINED to get assignments accomplished. I have always been a christian who is strong in her faith so I don't question God or blame him for this but I instead view it as an opportunity to praise and grow even closer to him. This happening luckily hasn't brought down my school grades but I just don't know what to do about it right now and I mainly need to vent. I know that God will eventually free me of this occurence because he has always removed anything troubling me even in my darkest of times when I almost didn't see a way out.

On the Asperger's part of my life I feel I am making progress in the social aspect because I'm making an effort to talk to more people in my classes and be friendlier in an attempt to make new friends which is something I neglected to do my first year of college. I guess I really am "learning to dance in the rain" in a way that even though I am being disturbed by mental illness I am looking to the brighter side of things and am choosing to praise God through it all.

God bless,