Hi everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome xmas! Thought id let you know about mine.

I got some really good pressies

Mobile phone
and some other small things

Went to my brothers gfs parents house for xmas lunch which was really nice. I took lots of pics with my new camera so i'll post a few up a bit later.

Anywayz as I said in my last post I have a book review ... kinda lol.

Its the game of life and how to play it. Its basically a self help book. It pretty much teaches the power of the mind and mind over matter.

This relates to my spider problem.

In my 1st blog I told you all how I am adept at dealing with giant spiders now.
Since then..... there have been about 15 more! I proclaimed to the world that I dont mind them so now they are everywhere!

3 in the car, one in my room, one in mums room, 2 in the kitchen, 2 on the windows, it never ends! And when I say the size of my hand or even bigger that isnt an over reaction (and I have quiet big hands too).

Now when I 1st moved in to the house I knew there would be some spiders so I came up with a way to keep them outside. It sounds really stupid but it was working. I would sing a song every night before I went to bed.

"Happy spiders live outside, live outside, live outside, happy spiders live outside, even when its raining".

I sang it every night up untill my 1st post and then they took over the house.

So id like to take this opertunity to say

"Happy spiders live outside, live outside, live outside, happy spiders live outside, even when its raining"

The game of life and how to play it really works!

We are now getting the house treated as the spiders are an infestation and every time one appears in the car we either get stuck at home waiting for it to die (they are like crabs, have their skelaton on the outside so even with spider spray it can take over an hour for them to die. + they keep walking even when uv beaten off most of their legs) or with a crowd of men offerning to help us when we suddenly jump from the car screaming and shaking our clothes.

Ah well, i shall not mention the spiders to often from now on as it makes things worse lol. Hope you got a laugh from my spider antics and I will update again soon!

Bye for now



I baked gingerbread men for xmas. I didnt think one batch of dough would be enough so I doubled the recipe.

.... I ended up with 50 of them and was busy icing them untill 1am xmas eve lol.