I have been a naughty girl and been neglecting this blog!!!

Have been really busy and really tired but i'll try n get back into the loop lol.

Went on a tour of the local Hospital yesterday fro my TAFE lab tech course....

Gross buttt....

Gotta see a colon!!!! Was awesome. I wanted a closer look n the biggest guy in the class bolted out the door. Oh dear was funni.

Anyways will write a real blog real soon!!!

Byebye for now!
  • Hi Lara

    Just read through your blog - just discovered this site - what a find!

    I'm 37, reaslized I was aspie 2 yrs ago - husband is also aspie, and this is causing HUGE communication probs - but loads of what you have said makes sense now - he gets in a strop - like - very extreme anger, and I cant get through to him. It will be something small sets him off, and then he can barely speak for hours, cant eat, rages and rant - often that "you don't love me" and comes up with everything I have done for the past 10 years to offend him - like he is reliving it all.

    So now I know why maybe it will be easier to cope with - if I don't take it so personally!

    Just wanted you to know its not just mums with kids you are helping by "rambling" - there are alot of older people out there just beginning to come to terms with something thats been  holding them back for years!! your helping us all!!!

    Keep on at it, and thanks


  • So Lara you are taking Med Lab Technology.then? Excellent.Med Lab and Chem. Eng.are offered together for first year here in Canada.Very interesting course of study i might add.:)Continued success in your studies.