Hi everyone,

So I know I said last time, and few times before that - that I wasn't going anywhere... and then I did.

I am sorry, there was a time where I was such an active member that I was writing on a regular basis for the newsletter. However I have become a slack member which I am now ashamed of, because what I have to say now is very important.

I live in the UK and only hours after CNN started reporting on the CT gunman allegedly having Aspergers Syndrome, I started coming across hate directed towards out community online.

I am deeply saddened by this and also angered. The way the media are portraying the ASD community is leading people to believe that we are mentally unstable. I have seen posts on Twitter demanding we all be locked up and accusing us of being violent and homicidal.

Earlier today I was just sat on my couch in tears. I was overwhelmed by the hate, the ignorance and the vile untruths spreading through social media like wild fire.

Now I am trying to do something about this.

As my title says, I have created a petition to get CNN to retract their statements, and apologise to the ASD community.

I feel an incredible amount of passion for this project of mine and want to see it gain world recognition.

The media should not be allowed to set our community back by reporting these horrible things that are simply not true.

Here is a link to my petition: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/cnn-and-piers-morgan-retract-your-statements-about-autism-and-issue-an-apology

Please, please, read it and if you agree, sign it and tell your friends!