Hi everyone

Kmdd22 posted a comment asking me what I think is the hardest thing about living with AS.

Well I suppose it is different for everyone but for me personally its learning the social skills. Ever since I can remember I have been told off for talking when other people are talking. I was always told to wait for a break in the conversation and then its my turn to talk. I did this but I stil got told off. I couldnt tell the difference between an actual break in conversation and someone who has paused for breath.

This is something I still struggle with today.

Also knowing how to react to certain situations, like when someone cries. Its very awkward knowing what to say or do. And working out what is appropriate to talk about with whom.

Another thing is having bad judge of character, I tend to think the best of everyone and hence set myself up for a lot of dissapointment. It is sad that not everyone is as nice I would like them to be but its something that I have learnt through my own mistakes.

My mum is quiet protective of me even though I will be turning 18 soon but she has been very good with letting me learn from my mistakes. Its something that had to be done before the lesson would sink in and I could understand why certain rules had been implemented upon me.

i guess there are other little things too but its difficult to write about because I dont know any different. I can only write about my own observations and I supose people who dont have AS may well have delt with the same problems but then again maybe not.

Thanks for the comment Kmdd22, it was thought provoking and game me something that may be of interest to others to read about.

Bye for now

  • Thanks for all your comments! Im so glad to hear im not the only kid who didnt know when to talk lol. new blog just gone up =)

  • Hi,

    Just today my younger brother scolded my 6 year old aspie for not greeting his uncle at the door. I had to quickly step in and remind my brother that he needs  to be taught in a nurturing way, but he said "well he has to learn even if it is by him getting in trouble". This just breaks me into pieces. If my own family can'tbe undersatnding about it how can I expect strangers to be. The thing about it is that people think that parents raising children like mine are raising spoiled children and it is so sad.  I wish someone would find an Island where we can start our community so our children would not have to be through all of this.

  • Its funny but my son has aspburgers and just yesterday he interupted his sister talking to me because she had paused to give me something but she wasn't done and he had no idea why I was irritated with him. Hes 16 and you sound very much like my son.

  • Yes I absolutely agree. Now it's my, just grown, "normal' daughters who notice and they too growl at me in exasperation as well as the rest of the World. So as a result I'm becoming ever more isolate! That's the reason I looked up this site in fact to see if I really am 'off the richter scale and fit nowhere? I've been deceived so often as I really believe in taking people as I find them until something shows me they're not genuine - then I'm ridiculously hurt as I should be used to this happening by now! Mental shocks have a really paining, burning, physical effect on me - I'll feel for a while that I can barely move - must curl up somewhere still otherwise I'll fall apart and be swept away into the Universe? Selkie

  • Thank you so much for your input!  I am a mother of an eleven yr old girl.   It can be very difficult to understand what is going on with her and she has  a hard time expressing herself, so thank you for giving some insight!