Hi everyone,

Im going to see someone about my bi-pola tomorrow so will up date you on all that very soon.

I went out to Hobart (capital of my state) on Saturday night to see Carl Cox. He was voted world number 1 DJ in 1997 I think. Omg it was awesome!!! Went with my brother, his mates n a chick called Lauren who is awesome too lol. Hit the club arounf 11pm I think n went hard thru till 4am n crashed about 5am lol. Iv never had so much fun in my life. I am ttly loving being 18 and the freedom that comes with it!!! woo lol. Im pretty hyper atm, still on a high from the club. Everytime I hear some funky music I get going again lol.
My feet hurt like hell though and my wrist are killing me lol. Too much dancing I think.

Anywayz, thought I had to share that with you coz it was so much fun lol.

I started TAFE (sorry, government keeps stuffing us around so not TAFE... Polytechnic) yesterday. First thing on a Monday morning and they hit us with maths... and Fractions of all things!!!

I was like whaaaaaaattttttttttt???? You gotta be kidding me!! I just learnt long division lol.

So anyway I was having a lil freak out coz I can do anything, seriously anything, I fly through like a rocket finishing b4 anyone else in my class.... except maths lol.

She was moving through the work at 100 miles an hour n it ttly ruined my day lol. I think I did pretty well considering iv never really done fractions b4 but I was ttly stuffed when we got to adding n subtracting improper fractions. Building and reducing... im like na cant do it lol.

So yeah iv gotta lot of homework to do there lol.

Started Chemestry today... loving it!!!

ahhhhh welllllz!!!

I gotta post up some pics n videos when my interenet is working properly!!!

Bye for now


p.s thanx again to everyone who comments me, I really appreciate it =)

  • Lara one thing I did when helping my oldest daughter to learn fractions was to play games with her for them.We did concrete exercises(we did cut outs of pies into slices) till she understood what was being asked of her.Lots of people have math mental blocks but if you learn to enjoy puzzles really of any kind it helps the brain to learn to break down what is asked.Step by step.Memorize a formula and how to rearrange it and nothing in math will be difficult.To learn to enjoy math puzzles try Nintendo 's brain age,Tetris or something along that line and it will greatly benefit whatever you take along in the way They can be done in short periods of time and checked to see where you can improve later.Also in time- buy a graphing calculator those are excellent for actually seeing what is asked for anything to do with quadratics/graphing equations.Nice to see you are enjoy music clubs.They can be lots of fun.!!