Hi everyone,

I read back my last post and thought god I must have been rambling on something shocking.

Then I read your comments. I was feeling a bit silly about what I posted, but now I know its helped people and it wasnt just a silly rant.

Im so glad that you all read my blog and enjoy it and find it helpful, and thankyou all for the nice things you say about my writing. It brightens my day =).

Bye for now


P.S although I am an Aussie....... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Your posting was far from silly.I like your posts and now you can see how many people value what you have to say about everything.You should be proud of being so highly revered and inspirational as well.Here's to you spreading your sunshine perspective into all of our lives. Very positive and powerful.I love it and thanks Lara just for being you.:) Kris