Hi everyone,

firstly i'll just let you know that im going to see someone to find out if I might have Bi-Pola and will post up what happened so anyone who is thinking along the same lines can have some inside info, will also do some research and post that up too.

Now then, I live in Australia and we are atm in a time of very sad happenings. The state of Victoria is being devestated by bush fires.
Last time I checked there were 26 burning out of control and the death count was around 200.
Whole towns have been wiped off the map and countless homes, pets, livestock and property have been lost, not to mention the native wildlife.
Now I remember vividly New Orleans and the shocking way it was attended too when flood hit the city. I was appaled at the time to know that the citizens had gone over a week without clean water.
Now I am amazed because people from all over the world are helping to get these people whose lives have been ruined by the fires back on track.
Millions of dollars have been donated, so many clothes that they are pyling up in the street because there isnt room inside the businesses, blood banks with ques of people out the front and so on.
The Aussie spirit is really shining through, famous sporting teams visiting the areas that have been effected, supermarkets donating all their takings from one day to the bush fire charities. It warms my heart.
But I turned on the news tonight, and I hear stories of, looting, theft, vandalism, people re-lighting fires that were only put out just hours ago, people lighting fires just because they can, fake charities skamming people.
It makes me feel sick. One house which was totally burned to the ground had people going through the ruins less than an hour after the owners body had been removed.
What sort of people do that???? What sort of people light fires in 45 degree heat (well over 100 F) in the bush where one spark can ignite a whole forest and burn towns and destroy lives????
What sort of people would break into a safe house, where people cars are being held for them, and slash their tyres, smash their windows and graffiti everywhere???
All I think is, its murder, lighting those fires, 200 people dead with the toll rising by the day. All those poor animals! Cold blooded murder. The people who did this arent Australian anymore.
What happened to mateship?
What happened to the fair go?
What happened to pulling together in times of hardship?
It makes me want to cry.

To all the families effected by the fires, my thoughts are with you
To all the people who are helping, I thank you
To all the firefighters, I thank you, I commend you
To all the hospital staff, I thank you
To all the charities, I thank you

To the people that caused so much pain

I Shame You


  • Hello Lara,

    I'd like to extend my sympathies to you and your country for the devastation that you have endured.

    Please keep your faith close to your heart now as you recover from this catastrophy.  Take your strength from that and don't give up.

    Here in America, we are currently experiencing a catastrophic change of events due to the shameful greed of many.  These changes will choke the life from many as does the smoke that fills your beautiful country.

    I don't know if things (our economy) here will ever recover.  Like the destriction of so much around you, and still there are those who are continuing to take more.  They will burn in the end too Lara, believe that.

    It is beautiful to see how grateful you are for the people who are helping in so many ways.  You have an amazing spirit .  Don't let the fire inside you burn out!!!  OK?  Stay strong.


  • Hi,

    We have similar problems in the states. Some people give and some take, there is no logic, it is what it is. You have very special insight, the fires are terrible and the world is not blind to them, hopefully help will continue.

    I am 53 and was diagnosed with AS late in life. That diagnosis answered alot of questions and created  many more questions. I continue to learn. In your "neck of the woods" there is an AS expert Tony Attwood whose videos helped better understand AS.


    Richard Lawrentz 8{

  • Wow Lara those fires sound absolutely terrible.My prayers and thoughts are with you and your fellow Aussies!.I remember a similar thing happening with both New Orleans and the tsunami a while back.Certainly hope those "others" hate to term them as people because their actions aren't showing it, find their humanity again.