Hello ASN peeps.  This is my first blog here and ever so here goes...
My son is a high functioning autistic with Asperger's syndrome.  He was developmentally delayed and required ABA therapy ages 2-4 to learn to follow commands for safety. For example: stop and come here.  He also learned to communicate his needs with ABA and OT from age 2 to the present.  He is now very much verbal, follows commands well, and adored by many teachers, peers, and of course us his family.
Whenever people talk about Asperger's they talk about how they are so intelligent. I've heard Albert Einstein had Asperger's Syndrome.  So if that's true then why, oh why, is my son struggling academically.  He is below grade level in reading and math.  His superpower is that he can remember tv shows, commercials, and movies verbatim after watching them.  After watching a new one, he makes paper cutouts of the characters and setting and reenacts the entire thing, sometimes repeatedly for each person he can find who will "look with your eyes" at him.  While I am amazed at his ability to recall with impeccable detail an entire movie; how in the world am I supposed to harness that and teach him to read!  I am not sure what to do next so that is why I am here...looking for my next action step that can help me harness his superpower.