Someone dear to me today who doesn't usually spend much time with my kids but saw them today and said to me, "Are you sure he has autism?  I don't see it."  I explained about Aspergers and how it is considered high functioning autism because most of the time, you can't tell.  At the same time, it is kind of frustrating because YES my son has autism and she along with many others have no idea what we have been through to  get him to this point. The screaming terrifying fear of doorways and grass, our sign that this could very well be autism.  All the developmental delays.  The hours of ABA behavioral therapy, speech, language, OT.  The frustration of being a school teacher and not being able to teach your kid to read or understand math. The numerous times coaxing him, usually very unsuccessfully, out from under the table to attend to a task.  The embarrassing moments when he says something without social filter.  The picking at his skin that drives me mad because I can't be there 24/7 to keep him from picking his skin to shreds over any imperfection, bugbite, or scrape.  The nagging fear that I am not doing this parenting thing well enough to prepare my autistic child for functional adulthood.  The turmoil over him not wanting to play with other kids and having more fun playing with paper cutout creations than his sister.  His sister's dismay that he so often doesn't want to play with her and would like to be left alone.  He says please and is very polite about it but let me tell you, I can't listen to "Do you want to build a snowman" without breaking down into a blubbering mess.  It isn't easy no matter what degree on the spectrum.  Thank God he doesn't bite people or run away or need to wear a diaper at age 9.  God bless you if you are that parent.  I know this may seem petty to you because no one probably questions the fact that kid has autism. If only I knew how good I have it, right.  I do.  I thank God every day for blessing me beyond belief and I hope you do too because you too have much to be thankful for, no doubt, no matter who you are and no matter what difficulties you are facing.  None of us have it easy.  We are here on this Earth for a reason. This is our task.  God give us vision of your will and strength to follow it through with grace.