My son's behavior's are growing.  We are over 14 behaviors. Self-injurious and mostly towards women. I have tapped every resource my community has. And I don't know what else to do. Last night was the first time he broke my nose, and I have been bitten and hit more than I can count. 
Any one, even a kind word of understanding. My ex is the antecedent. He is mad because I am dating, and can't control his temper. My son is only hurting women. 
We have in house ABA, DDS, and much more. 
I'm just exhausted. Need to cry. Have an IEP meeting this afternoon. I'm an educational advocate with the FCSN. 
  • Try as much as you can to reach him when he is not stress, anxious, or angry. let him  explain his feelings. Sad or Happy. Then ask him what makes him sad, angry,happy or anxious. Use pictures if he is non -verbal. From the beginning do not talk about women. He might be equally suffering because he can not tell you what he is feeling. It might seem endless but it will get better. Hang in there.

    All my love and prayers.

  • My research has shown that 42% of those with autism never eat eggs and another 54% eat less than one a day.  A diet lacking completeness and balance is the major cause for the non-infectious chronic diseases.

    Eggs are the most complete food in the world. I recommend two to three regular eggs per day along with a normal vitamin/mineral supplement. This provides all of the nutrients found in healthy brains.

    I would like to send a free copy of my most recent book that I believe would be helpful. If you would like a copy all you need to do is send me an email request and a PDF copy will be sent.

    They do not allow giving email addresses on this site so please visit my web site at and look under "contact us" for my email address.

    A proper diet is critical for the prevention of autism and should be used during pregancy.  For those with autism, there has been much improvement with a proper diet in eliminating melt downs, tantrums, etc., but I have very few instancies where there was a total cure. This book will show you ways to ensure that your son gets a proper diet.

    I hope this helps,


  • I am glad you are reaching out. First, is your son verbal? If so, can he describe some of the anxieties that he is having? If he is not verbal, has limited speech or does speak well, maybe having him paint or use watercolours, acrylics, etc will help communicate his feelings. Sometimes, the spoken language barrier for the autistic individual is too much and not effective. Focusing on words may be too abstract, where pictures have more influence.

    Behavioral problems can stem from hidden anxieties that overwhelm an autistic person. Understanding these triggers are crucial. Also, your son may be picking up some bad behaviors, if he is around your ex or has learned to "deal" with women in a negative way by watching the actions of others. Theory of Mind challenges and perspective inability can contribute to acting out inappropriately.

    Age is a factor. If he is younger, learning how to treat people, especially women is important. You could be his role-model in this.  

    Okay, for yourself: When he is in school or at therapy or sometime when he is not around you, go and relax somewhere. Have a cup of coffee at a Café and take a book. I often give this advice to other parents who are at the "end of their rope". I know you want the best for your son, you really try and you are exhausted and overwhelmed, but remember that it's not bad to have some time to yourself. Your son may even be picking up your tiredness and it's creating a tense atmosphere.

  • First off, Hang in there! But really from personal and other sources, your personal dating life should or needs to be put o hold. I know that's a crazy or harsh thing to say, but adding in more drama is not what anyone needs. I know from personal expierience, that you will always feel the tug of attention between all these boys/men. I just got into a heated discussion tonight withmy husband, he is not my almost 16 year olds bio dad, but has been there from age 4. My first born has Autism/ADHD, then we had 2 other children that are on the spectrum, and even more intense, distructive, and difficult than one could imagine. Keep things simple. I know its lonely, but seek others to fill the gap, but don't drag the drama of a relationship into your life!

    I have so much stress that now I have Chronic Fatigue that I battle along with IEP meetings, marriage therapy, neurofeedback for m teen, ABA, ect... Just some advice

    from someone that gets it....big time.

    I get hit, bit, and all my things destroyed all the time. take a deep breath. how old is your son? I bet meds would make a world of difference, don't feel bad if thats the route needed. He is suffering too

    you are not alone!!!!