Things have been getting better for me lately. I started a new motivation system for me and it's been working really well. i've been wanting to make some changes in my lifestyle for a long time but have just never been able to break out of the cycle i was in, until now. the method is very simple: i only focus on and give myself credit for what i have accomplished and don't really think too much about what i didnt do. it's really helping me to become more active and do more exercise, eat healthy and get on a healthier schedule. once i have enough credit ill be able to buy a ipad which is something i've wanted for a really long time. im thinking ill buy it for myself as a birthday present (it's almost my birthday!) but i havent decided for sure yet. 
The one message that i would like to share is that things get better. for the longest time i felt like i was stuck in a hole, not getting anywhere or doing anything with my life. my life is very different now than it was then and its because i chose to do something about it. i made a decision that i was not going to be a victim to my past and that i would make a better future for myself. i'm going to school to become an occupational therapist so that i could help other kids who struggle with similar issues to what i struggled with as a child. i still struggle but i focus on thinking positive and it helps get me through.
Don't give up and things will get better! 
  • I can relate to this, too, Sister!  Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes there's coasting in between, but good for you for finding something you can be passionate about and then working toward being able to *do* it.