Most people don't know how much I struggle because most of it is inside. People take it for granted that i can do everything that other girls my age do and then wonder when i do struggle. i've tried to explain to people but they just dont get it. if you've never experienced something like it then it's hard to truly understand. even daily tasks can be a struggle for me. i used to focus on the negative - on the bad things that happened to me in my past, how i always felt so different from anyone, how hard everything was etc. but i've learned that it doeant get me anywhere and doesnt do me any good. so im learning how to focus on what i do have. i have so much to be grateful for every minute of every day. and if i just focus on that then i can be happy no matter how hard the struggle. because at the end of the day, the struggle makes me into a stronger better person. 
  • Great post, Leah; I agree!  People may never realize our inner struggles, but whether they get it or not when we try to explain it to them, God does, so at least we know there is SOMEONE who understands.  And there is more to life than just the struggle: there is beauty and wonder, and grace.  All definitely things to be grateful for.

  • Sure, unless you go through the hustle you may not understand. My younger sister jobless, has three children, one of them with severe cerebral palsy. That is the beginning of problems in the house. The husband runs away and she learns he is married. She has noone to encourage her and support her    except for me her sister. i also have my family and my little pay cannot support them fully. The little girl is supposed to go for therapy, get a special chair to train her how to sit, no dypers ; it's all survival. She needs to look after her family, i have to pay rent, it is not easy. House helps that are at least cheaper run away sometimes and those capable of handling the child with her siblings are too expensive. The child has to be fed and assisted in all selfhelp skills. She thinks God is unfair but i try very much to encourage her and tell her to pray and leave to God , one day a breakthrough hall be got.Who can come to her aid? share and even support her at times please; we will appreciate. Thank you. Contact Judy