For most of my life, it bothered me that i was so different from anyone else. But I find that it bothers me a lot less now. I've learnt to accept myself as I am and i know that i am just the way G-d wanted me to be. I keep working on myself and strive to be the very best me that i can be. I'm going to college so that i can help other kids who have similar challenges that i had growing up. i want to be an advocate for them. They are too young to understand and explain what is going on inside, so I can be their voice. Hopefully, i'll be able to make their lives a little easier and that will make everything that i have gone through worthwhile.
  • I can identify with this experience as well.  Knowing that God and my family accepted me just as I am, was key to helping me accept myself.  I think it's wonderful that you decided to help children by advocating for acceptance for them.

  • right on girl! To have a purpose is to live! I was always "different"...I still am, but now that I am a mother to 3 kids on the spectrum, my purpose is clear! It takes all types of people to make this world function....It took me a long time to get that, because being young is HARD!!!!! It is also very hard that I feel more knowlegeable than most doctors or proffesionals...I've lived it, and now I have the challenge of my issues, and my kids issues...we are mighty Warriors! when you accept who you are, so much good can come from that!!!!