I am a young woman who has diagnosed herself with Asperger's. i hope to get an official diagnosis someday soon. I come from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, but i always knew that i was different somehow. when i finally diagnosed myself as an adult it was such a relief for me. I wasn't crazy! and there were lots of other people out there like me! now i'm trying to connect with other girls who have Asperger's too. i feel it would be really helpful to connect with someone who has similar struggles and so we can inspire each other to keep growing and being the best that we can be. please reply if you are interested! 
  • I come from a large family as well, Leah (I'm guessing that's your name from your username).  I was self-diagnosed for nearly two years before I finally got a clinical diagnosis - which was as much a relief to me as was the initial discovery and research into Asperger's.

    I realize I'm commenting about 2 years too late, lol, but I look forward to reading more of your blog, and hope you'll revisit it, too!

  • Hi there, just hang in there and do what your gut feels is right.  I live in Cape Town South Africa and Aspergers (and Autism) is often not diagnosed.  I have specific experience with Aspergers - it does not fit any specific critera 100% for some people.  I don't believe that it can really be diagnosed with 100% certainty.  Each of us are so individual and different.  My son walked a difficult road and was seen by someone who believes that Autism can just disappear one day.  Just be the best as you are.  They also say it is more prevalent in boys than girls, perhaps the reason why you were not diagnosed properly(?)  I don't even want to defend the professionals and so-called Neurotypicals!  Keep strong!!  Regards from Cape Town, South Africa

  • Hi! so nice to hear from you. from what i hear it seems like a lot of women are getting their diagnosis when their kids do. i was misdiagnosed as a kid because they said i did not have enough characteristics to be given the diagnosis of aspergers. looking back now i know that what the doctor did not understand is how aspergers is different in girls and boys. im so glad that more specialists are starting to realize that now.

  • I also came from a large family and in recent years have discovered that I am on the spectrum after finding that my children also are. Welcome to my world