This is a poem about special people. I love this poem very much and so decided i wanted to share it. It doesn't necessarily apply to me but i know that there are many people out there who can relate to it.
Here it is:

I have trouble with my words
they don't seem to come out clear
but i want you all to know me
so i'll try

by asking one small question
it wont take up too much time
can you tell me, can you answer
who am I?

Oh i know i'm very different
by the things i cannot do
why i'd find it hard to tell you
my own name

so you wonder just who am i
as you try to hide your eyes
but believe me you and i are
much the same

don't you marvel at a sunset
as the rays shine through the clouds
and the night begins 
to take over the sky

and don't you love the sound of laughter
and a lively happy tune
then we are not so different
you and i

and when you see a mighty eagle 
as it spreads its graceful wings
don't you wish inside your heart 
that you could fly

and when you hear a crash of thunder
don't you tremble out of fear
then we are not so different 
you and i

oh i know my legs cant hold me
and i cannot shake your hand
and that looking at me 
makes you feel so strange

so you wonder just who am i
as you quickly pass on by
but believe me, you and i are
much the same

have you known the pain of sadness
and the feeling that it brings
yes im sure there's been some times
you've had to cry

and the loneliness is worst of all
im sure you will agree
then we are not so different 
you and i

and do you know the joy of friendship
of caring and of love
somehow i get the feeling 
that you do

then we are not so different 
we are very much the same
you do know who i am
i'm just like you!