Sometimes we often forget the blessings that God has for us as well as what he has blessed us with. I often as God why? Why put me through so much stress and humiliation?  What is my purpose in life? What do you have in store for me? Sometimes I get answers and sometimes he answer by allowing situations to happen in my life that I can not control; but I always find a way to maneuver through them with such grace. I know that I love to help people.  I love to cook and to enjoy family and friends.  I love to inspire and encourage people to never give up but to take they're stress or issues and use them as a teaching tool or testimony.  My purpose for this blog is not to get a hundred or a million likes or comments.  But to at least have one person say that what I wrote about help change their life in some way. Or help inspire them to do something.  My blessings are my children and my ability to raise two boys on the spectrum on my own as a single parent. That's my super strength!