i just cant get anywhere, time after time wasted searching for support groups and such with out any success, same goes for dating sites. i just want to join some king of group, club, been many late nights on ask.com searching for that which dosent exist. i just hate the fact I'm autistic cause for  society hating me, for example hardly a time last summer been on a long ride on my bike had to stop to stretch my legs and always had some one laughing at me just for being my self is how I'm saying it cause i don't know how to put in in another words, so long story short, i avoid all but deserted parking lots and such. i don't know why I'm wasting my time on here, all i know is I'm stuck isolated and friendless and relationship less.  really nice guy though, nothing but misunderstood misjudged ridiculed and cant for get laughed at. i know all i need is a relationship (cant happen cause i know I'm not "normal") or just belong to some king of club, group, meetup..... take that last one back, long story short, tried joining a group for motorcycle  riders in the local area that straight lied on there page bout welcoming new members and being family friendly. now i sit waiting for something to change no matter how much time and effort goes in but nothing ever does change.

disabling the comments cause i know I'm gona get criticized  and harassed