Working with my sons over the years have been quit an experience and still is.  There has been great times and not so great times.  It takes lots of patience and faith in God to deal with these children.  What I have found is that we have to instill what is right and what is wrong or accepted to these children from youth.  I have also found out that with the right support and help some of these children can learn and be of great help to society.
My sons are both nonverbal, but I have done my best and is still doing my best to train them as normal as possible.  They know what is acceptable and not acceptable at home and away from home.  Very seldom is there a problem.  They keep me busy, but they also do their best to help keep their rooms clean, their bathroom, and things around the house.  In public they are well behaved.  I do believe they have so much more locked up in them to offer if only I had the money to help them reach their full potential. 
As a single mother I thank God everyday for his power and presence in our lives, and the many blessings he efforts us each and everyday. I know that our journey is not over yet, but with my faith and hope in God there is a testimonial at the end of our journey. 
Let's stay encourage!      
  • Diane, keep the faith. It is tough sometimes, but I truly believe there is a great change coming for our children.  God has not forgotten us.  He hand picked us for such a time as this. I am very hopeful that what ever has happened to these beautiful children God will turn it around. They are our pride and joy, and we will laugh again.  Lets trust God.

  • Kademan, could you give us a list of foods?  Will these diets work now that our sons are adults?  Please help us out.  Thanks.

  • Ladies you both are very strong woman and there is hope. Just remember that God made us like we are and gave us the resources to cure our children because they were not born this way in many cases. I truly believe that and I think if you think back real hard and look at the time your children started getting this disease you may find the proof as I did. You must look outside the box and go back to the natural way of life with your children diet is the most important thing with these children. No Gluten and Casein in their diet it is so hard but if you try it you will see a difference. I pray for you ladies that you will find the answers you are looking for stay strong there is a cure for these disorders. All Natural is the way to go. God Bless You!

  • Thanks for your testimony, it was lovely. I have a son who is 16 and he has Aspergers (HFA) and mental illness. I also have 2 other children still at home and I am on my own. The last 2 years have been very hard because my son stopped going to school and he developed depression, anixiety and OCD.  There has been very little support and understanding for his condition and I have found myself withdrawing from church and other social contacts because many people even friends judge my sons behaviour and my parenting.It sounds like you have done a commendable job with your boys. We are finally getting some support services in place now and I have gone back to school to study counselling which has saved my own sanity. I am looking for a church now that will love and accept my son as he is.  I pray that you and your boys will be blessed with all the help and love you need and that you find guidance for the future. Regards, Diane K