My 17 yr. old daughter has down syndrome and ASD, non verbal and not potty trained. I cannot get a response from her on any request I make, she will pinch and scratch herself when I push her to obey, daily meltdowns. When I attempt to take her places, I have to put her in a wheelchair or she runs off. I'm new to st. Louis and don't know anyone going thru what I am. I would appreciate any advice.


  • Tough call; the potty training thing, surely there has to be something that can help...parents who're living with the situation of seriously disconnected adult children have my heart felt sympathy and admiration...I don't believe I could manage that at all.

  • Sounds like you're having a tough time right now and need some support. Maybe you could see if there's an autism support group or even a

    Downs one  in the St. Louis area that could offer some support for you and your daughter. . In the past I belonged to one and found it helped. It may also offer some monthly social events and you may meet some parents with children whom also are dually challenged.