I need help on what to do about his screaming, it's the most high pitched, ear piercing, stoping people in there tracks scream I have ever heard. Is this common?? I have never heard a child scream like this ever. I have had people tell me he's going to be a singer if he can hit that note! It's becoming a serious problem. I can't go to my friend house because his scream scares her 6 month old. Anytime we try a store outing or going out to eat he just screams. I can't even handle it, it literally hurts my head when he screams. I have had people get mad at me for it, stares and even kicked out of a waiting room because of it. How do I change this behavior? Will he out grow it?? Help! Please! 
  • I live near Mission Viejo, and have an 11-year-old son who was diagnosed at age 3.  I know how you feel about feeling lost.  We have been very fortunate in finding the proper help for my son. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk and possibly meet.  I have connections with people who may be able to line up play dates for your son.  :-)

  • very common.its part of their communication.Its annyoing and frustrating.I have 3 with asd plus other issues, just take a deep breath and really try to see what they need

  • My name is Tyneise Seaborough and I am a pediatric occupational therapist.

    A couple of questions for you.

    1) Does the child have a form/method of communication? 2) What calms your child? 3)What does your child enjoy? 4) Does your child have sensory sensitivities....lights, sounds, etc? 5) What frustrates your child? 6) Does the screaming happen in all situations or just when he is overwhelmed/upset?

    I would recommend tracking the behavior for a week or two and see what triggers the screaming, calms the screaming, and then once you determine the function of the behavior (attention seeking, sensory avoidant, escape behavior) , etc and then create a game plan to deal with it.

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    To your family's success!

  • Hello. I am a therapist for children with autism and I have had my share of screamers. The child is probably screaming because of one or two things: he wants to communicate something that he can't or he is overly stimulated. If the child is verbal, ask them "what do you want"? If the child is non-verbal, ask the same question but use PECS, sign language or whatever their form of communication may be. Hope this helps!

  • I never thought about that, I will look into it, thanks you!