Humdinger The Last Post

If the number of views on my two humdinger posts are true I can not believe that no - one has had anything to say .

I give up.

  • Janet there are lots of people with a grey picture on messenger and facebook with yr name!  In fact failed to find u!  Got an American who ignored me then realized its not a good idea connecting to some unknown person, so blocked! 

    befriended u on this site for now, but phone hasn't got Flash software, so can't do chat! Thinking

  • Ok I have actually found this site pretty useless . But at the moment we seem to be working . I don't have fancy flash phone . I am in UK . Somerset . I'm a lot older than you ,but that doesn't mean I can't be a friend to you . Life is hard . Tell me what you want to tell me . I will tell you what I have learned in my life . I think we ALL need in this life  someone we can trust to tell the truth . Sometimes that can come better from a stranger , because there is no agenda . I'm here if you want to carry on talking . J.

  • Nothing to tell, married to a friend as other bloke didn't want to marry me!

    love less marriage! Smiley 

    have four adorable cats!

    don't work as disabilities get in the way, but government won't support! So now a Pauper! Thinking

  • I can't make the friend thing work . Where do you live ?

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