Church and Asperger's/Autism

As a once ashamed but now proud Aspie, it can be difficult (I'm still learning) to understand the nuances of social cues.  For me, it is like diagnosing a disease based on symptoms.

I was a teacher for 7 years and failed miserably in many aspects (suffered from PTSD during my work experience).  As a chemist for 10 years, I find that world much easier to deal with but still think in a very different way than my colleagues.  It makes it hard for me to voice honest questions and objections about the way we do things.

Being a Christian seems like a logical thing to do, once you get over believing in something when common sense tells you not to (faith).  But it is nice to have a system of truths in the Bible that is self-consistent (though I understand not everyone agrees with this).

Before I get to why I am writing this, I would love to hear from other Christians with ASD.  What are your biggest challenges and successes at church (regardless of age group)?

Anyway, I digress.  I suspect that there is a 14 year old girl at our church that has ASD.  She is a great kid, very shy, has trouble communicating with others and trouble reading.  While she probably has a processing disorder of some sort, I think it goes beyond that.  She is an incredible free-hand artist who can draw characters of any type (Disney, Marvel Comics, made-up and hybrid characters).  She is on an IEP at school, but I fear that her differences are being swept under the rug and her talents are unable to shine through.

When I was young, my parents tried to make me as normal as possible.  Despite extremely high IQ scores, they wouldn't let me join the special classes.  I thought I simply wasn't smart enough until I found out this from other parents.  But I couldn't fit in with the other kids.  I didn't have any real friends except maybe for 1 good friend in high school.

BTW, I'm always looking for chat room buddies.  I don't private chat 1-on-1 as I am married and don't want to put myself in an uncompromising position.  I love model building (LEGO), math/statistical modeling (and developing games with math), board/card game creation, and am finishing my first full-length novel.

Anyway, have a nice evening.  I struggle with discouragement and can be a bit thin-skinned about it, but I have also learned to thrive in spite of (or because of) my Aspie status.







  • Biggest challenges at church... ...I must have been to around 14 churches. I seem to be incapable of making friends with Neurotypicals, not being able to initiate conversation probably cuts off any chance I have of that. I also generally find churches are stereotypically cliquey.

    I recently (past few months) went to a church that someone I know goes to, but I struggle to get there as it's 18 miles away and every 2nd week I get a carer who refuses to drive me there. I'm finding my experience at this church *hard* as I usually only talk to the person I know there. I still feel like an outsider there after over 3 months. I probably won't be going there much longer really.

    You can chat to me sometime, I actually collect Lego too and have a collection of around 200,000+ Lego pieces. I also have some nice card and board games which I play with the real life aspies I meet up with.
  • I'm Catholic. The Catholic Mass is the only place in public that I'm comfortable. I am a bit higher functioning- I drive my family, I volunteer to drive little old ladies; that second group is who you really want to talk to. Little old church ladies are the backbone of any parish, and are too old to be judgemental in the slightest.

    My special needs son is into Lego, and he and I found a way to connect to other kids- we've started a project of modeling the church building in Lego. He doesn't know it yet, but I've purchased a copy of the third party "Fr. Leopold Says the Mass"
  • Sorry it took a while to reply to your message as this site used my dead email account!! It was nice reading your piece about church! I don't go to church anymore, except in exceptional circumstances, is deaths, marriages, births etc.. Priests can be mad or crazy so avoid them like the plague!
  • Ah thank you for yr message, it was in the dead letter tray! I only found it as miracle received a job offer for designing via the same dead letter tray! hope all is well in America! Sleep tight as I know you are all a sleep! Pray that the terrorists don't get you! stay away from France and turkey! peace! I love Lego too but don't have any anymore! Now a online gamer!
  • Priests are quite often on the spectrum, but undiagnosed. By talking with them as a neurodiversity activist, you not only gain accomodation for yourself in the parish, but you also educate them about autism, and that's good for the neurotypicals in the parish as well, as the priest becomes more aware of his own shortcomings! I absolutely encourage talking to priests!
  • I have a similar problem with this site when it comes to using my cell phone with it
  • Especially the one around here! Sexy!
  • Level 1 asd?? We don't have levels in England! Only the Somerset ones!!!
  • That's sad, haribogirl. There are 3 AS girl gamers in my online game team alone who collect Lego! And 2 guys from my team on the other server! (1 of who is in the US Army, and the other does serious weight training!).
  • I forgot have two pieces of lego, a square thing with a handle and a white ninja holding it! Joy Rofl

  • Four year later! Relaxed  priest now a female! Keep thinking will go to social event at church, but now Covid 19 arrived here!  Maybe later! Thinking

  • Nice :) The original white ninja figure was the Ninja Princess from 90's Lego Ninja sets.  I managed to get the re-release version of her from a boxed set of 5 female figures (including the green forestwoman which wasn't released in any UK sets).

  • Mines from ninjago!  Lost his sword, so he is now holding a strange metal piece in his right hand and the gray lego in his left!

    I forget its name! Thinking

  • I went to church for years but never fit in. It is a social club. If you have trouble with social they won’t like you. Church is the hardest place to find a friend. If you criticize or show any anger they will label you a bad person and won’t talk to you. But there is a place in church where you are wanted. Taking care of toddlers is that place. Small children don’t care about social talking. They can be very loving. I haven’t gone to church in 2 years. Every morning I watch my favorite preachers on TV and study the bible. That has helped me learn about Jesus more than I have ever done before. I now know more about the love of Jesus than most preachers. But I still have a lot to learn about how to give that love away. Knowing how I should love gives me great self-confidence. I don’t feel inferior anymore.

    James Buchanan

  • I totally agree.  I never even showed any anger at church, but my difference/s of opinion made them look at me as if I was a naive christian teenager.

    I think it wouldn't be hard for you (or any Christian) to know more about the love of Jesus than many preachers, even the half-decent preachers seem to be more about knowledge/education than knowing Jesus.