Dating and aspherger's

Scrubbed due to teenage stupidity. Also, nothing ever came of this post or related events. Special shoutout for reality checkers below.

  • .David
    Its really NOT ok for you to think in terms of punching a girl in the face, she's been trying to let you know she isn't available with out hurting your feelings....Or maybe she's trying to avoid being physically hurt by you. Its uncomfortable finding out some one doesn't want to be with you but it doesn't justify what you've just written here.

    I hope your just expressing, other wise you need some help with anger management...;...People ARE allowed to choose against you, it happens to every one all the time......Maybe she should have been honest with you, or maybe she didn't trust your reactions enough to be clearer with you. Either way, your responses are your responsibility. Find some one who chooses you and learn to roll with rejection.
  • Can confirm just expressing, nothing came of it other than tears and normal stuff like that. A lot has changed in the last then years and I fully agree, my feelings where trash back then.

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