Dating and aspherger's

Scrubbed due to teenage stupidity. Also, nothing ever came of this post or related events. Special shoutout for reality checkers below.

  • How many more clues do you need that she's just not that into you.
  • .David
    Its really NOT ok for you to think in terms of punching a girl in the face, she's been trying to let you know she isn't available with out hurting your feelings....Or maybe she's trying to avoid being physically hurt by you. Its uncomfortable finding out some one doesn't want to be with you but it doesn't justify what you've just written here.

    I hope your just expressing, other wise you need some help with anger management...;...People ARE allowed to choose against you, it happens to every one all the time......Maybe she should have been honest with you, or maybe she didn't trust your reactions enough to be clearer with you. Either way, your responses are your responsibility. Find some one who chooses you and learn to roll with rejection.
  • No girl is going to want to be with some one that is abusive,or has a temper.That is a red flag to stay away.Maybe she or her parents feel she is to young to settle down with one guy.Maybe she wants to play the field a bit.Maybe she has a hard time expressing this to you,she may be afraid of your reaction.
  • Oh..and just so you're clear...she could probably be justified in taking an AVO out against you on the strength of what you've written here ,because it constitutes a threat of violence against her.....definitely not cool!
  • david,
    you are young and just learning about dating. i had the same thing happen to me at your age. the way i figured it was why would i want to be with someone who lies to me and causes me stress, so i moved on and took the lesson i learned with me.
    dont think that this only happened to you because you are aspie and dont let your anger get the best of you and start to harbor ill feelings towards women.
    women are different than men in many ways but people are people in many ways too.
    the next woman you choose try to see her as the person she is first.
    best of luck
  • Another point.In one of your posts,you say she is your soon to be girlfriend.I take that to mean,she isn`t your girlfriend.I think some people lie because they have difficulty communicating,or facing someone with news they don`t want to hear.
  • david i know right now you are angry but going to punch her will get you in alot of trouble it ent the answer mate you are 15 still young enjoy your life have fun do all the things you wanna do what intrest you dont let this take over your life there is many more girls out there yes its ok to get angry but its not ok to hurt someone so take some time for you to chill out and you will get over this ok put a smile on ya face and enjoy your life your only young once xx
  • What I have learned from a somewhat recent relationship, If she feels that she has continuously lie to you or appear to string you along without getting anywhere (like this girl is doing) than it is a waste of your time to wait for her. I know that you are interested in her, but the longer you wait for her, the harder it is to deal with the rejection or acceptance that will eventually come. Since she is not currently ready for a relationship with you, I would advise you to enjoy any friends you have and not worry about pursuing her.

    Take a step back and focus on yourself. Don't worry about her or what she is or is not doing. To worry about what others are doing is not worth your time.
  • lol jaynee...
    your blatancy is appreciated.
  • Can confirm just expressing, nothing came of it other than tears and normal stuff like that. A lot has changed in the last then years and I fully agree, my feelings where trash back then.