Survey : What are the Negative aspects of an High functioning Autistic person

Hello, In my other discussion ,i have requested you guys to list the positive side of an high functioning autistic person and in this discussion i would like to list the negative side of the traits of being high functioning autistic person. Thank you in advance for your time ..Bala
  • 1. inability to regulate emotions - i am either extremely happy or extremely sad. Intensity of emotions that i feel are out of my control really agitate me

    2. meltdowns - high anxiety and stress can lead to me to having a meltdown...they arent pretty.

    3. people feel attracted to me however i lack the social skills to facilitate an ongoing friendship with someone and i most certainly lack the skills to have a meaningful relationship with a man

    4. I have various sensory issues that drive me insane like sirens, the crunching of the dead grass under my feet out the back, someone touching me, the wind. Having the tv on and a radio on somewhere else in the house just about does my head in.

    5. I really dont like change and i like my routines. If there is an unexpected change to my already planned out day i will have a freak out and i will abandon everything i had planned for that day.

    6. I get sidetracked very easily so what should take me 30 minutes could take a lot longer

    7. One of my hardest challenges is that both my daughter and I are son is not. Being a single mum who is autistic herself raising another autistic person plus a NT little boy is just totally disheartening to me at times.. because i dont understand myself, i dont understand Izzy and i get frustrated and then Henry well i know at times he just cant relate to either one of us...

    8. It can be a very lonely life sometimes
  • I really hear myself in your words.  All of your issues are mine.  Just trying to understand another person while there is a TV on is near impossible.  I just have to guess. 

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