I’m just reading certain situations similar to mine about discovering Aspergers in our mates and this hit so home to me. My boyfriend from the start I have been patient with him. I knew from the beginning something wasn’t right when I first got to know him. He bounces when walks, he is a veryyy messy eater like if he eats a burger with ketchup their will be ketchup all over his hands. He wipes his face very odd, he holds the napkin with a closed fist. He lacks empathy and one time it got so bad. A little while ago, I was walking my dog and some man tried to rape me outside in public in a neighborhood, sunny morning. I called my bf after the fact, and of course I was scared I was sad, very emotional I was, and he never came to see me at the hospital or the police station. He yelled at me on the phone and said it was because I’m vulnerable. I remember feeling like I wanted to die and felt like this man does not understand me, he does not get it!

Sex is extremely repetitive. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose, but he points out my flaws a lot, and everytime we get mad he tells me I need to change and tells me everything he believes is wrong with me, he’s very brutally honest. What annoys me the most is the language. He actually has a twin brother who I believe may have it as well, they speak very low and mumble a lot. When I first met him I didn’t really understand what he was saying. He’s very intelligent but his emotions are extremely childish. He says very rude remakes, and it’s cringeworthy. He embarrasses me a lot because of it. He doesn’t comprehend that obvious facial expressions and body language others have around him when he speaks. He can talk non stop for hours and if eventually I didn’t stop him, he’ll probably continue after that. I’ve been so confused and I honestly don’t know how to tell him, I know this is a lot but I’m at my wits end. I want him to know that he has it and be willing to face it or I will leave him because I literally can’t take it anymore without some sense of understanding for him and myself.