How to take care of a girlfriend with asperger

My girlfriend has been diagnosed with Aspergers about a month ago and recently she hasn’t been that talkative. Before I met her she was almost raped at her school and has been bullied for the majority of her life. She tells me that I have been the only one that listens to her and that I have saved her from committing suicide because I came into her life at the right time. Anyways, we both love each other very much and talk about the future quite frequently. When I first meet her she was very depressed and would often self harm and says things alone the line of, I hate myself or, no one should ever date me. She would also have flashbacks to the time when she was abused. When she would snap out of her flashbacks she would say hurtful things to me because she was scared and afraid, or she would start to self harm. My question is how do I better take care of her. Every time she self harms, talks bad about herself, or says hurtful things to me it gives me anxiety and makes me scared. I care about her very much and all I want her her is for her to be happy.

  • Is she seeing a therapist? I would recommend counseling, doing meditation, and doing yoga. I myself been bullied a lot and it is hard to get over. Think about something that would distract her. Get her outside of her comfort zone and out of the house and go do something together to help cheer her up.