Would like to meet other parents

I've been searching for days for a support group chat room online for parents with children on the autism spectrum (my son is an aspie). He is going to be 14 in December and he has changed so much from the kid he used to be! I know all children change as teenagers, but it seems to me that the Asperger's have gotten better in some areas, yet worse in others. I scheduled a chat for tomorrow. I meant to put 8 pm but for some reason it now says 4pm, and I know a lot of parents are at work at that time. I'm still going to try however, even if one person can come I'd really appreciate it. I just feel so lost and confused. I don't know anyone who has a child on the spectrum, and I don't seem to get much help from doctors, psychiatrists, or his child study team/I.E.P. I feel like I'm flying a plane and don't know how to use or read the switches on the control panel when it comes to parenting my son. I'm the most loving, attentive mother I can possibly be. But now that he wants more independence and basically gets pissed off every time I walk in the room, I really have no idea what to do at this point.... plus the stress is so overwhelming that sometimes I feel like I might literally "crack". I really need someone to talk to... 

  • Pamela,
    Would be happy to chat. You can also write at Renees52@aol.com.
    I have a 24 year old son with Asperger's ... I "get it".
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    Hi Pamela and Renee,
    I'm a father of a 7 year old aspie, we have just moved and the new environment is wreaking havoc on my boy. I know that you both have older aspie sons and that you posted on this site seeking advice and assistance but you're where I will be eventually so I'm here to ask for your assistance and advice. We all know there is no manual to raise children let alone children on the spectrum so I would like to tap into the experience that you have. I have a bunch of questions and I just want to hear about your experiences since our angels are all a little bit different, but just to have some point of reference would be nice.

    thanks I hope to hear from either of you,
  • Pamala how about joining our chat site on here, it gives you chance to meet with other parents, and autistic people which helps you understand, the chat is a safe place to talk and meet others xxx
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    I'd be more than happy to help. I'm new to this site, I'm still not exactly sure how it works... but you can always email me at pamelah8402@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook. Pamela Hudson, Belmar NJ
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    How do i join the chat site? I'm new to this and I don't really know how this works. So far all I've really seen is blogs and I've responded to them.
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    How do i join the chat site? I'm new to this and I don't really know how this works. So far all I've really seen is blogs and I've responded to them.

    I think she means go to the chat room.  I know you've already figured out how to do that, from your other posts, but in case anyone else here has not been to the chat room yet:

    1. Go to the homepage. You will see a green box to the right that says "Chat Rooms."
    2. Click on the link within the box that says "Go to the Chat Room."
    3. Enter your chat name where it says "Nickname:" - this can either be a nickname, or the same name you use on ASN.
    4. Click the "Join Chat" button.

    There is always someone in there called "mep," who doesn't like to leave the room empty, but is also usually away from his PC, so if you need to get his attention, click on his name in the box to the right of the chat screen, then choose the option "Whisper" before you type, as that will play an alert sound that he is usually able to respond to within a few minutes.  Basically the longer you wait in the chat room, the more likely it is to fill with people, if you manage to greet them as soon as they come in and they stay for a while, chatting.

    If you plan to be researching online for a good while anyway, I recommend opening this http://chat.autismsupportnetwork.com:8080/?0,0,2,0,0 in another window or browser tab, and turning on all the sound notifications in the settings, so that you'll be alerted if someone comes in the room or says anything in the chat screen.  To do this:

    1. Click the "cog" icon in the top right corner of the chat screen.
    2. Check all the boxes under the category "Alert sounds on:"
    3. Click the "Apply Settings" button

    But I know that as parents, your time to wait around in the chat room is limited, so if you're interested in a group chat for parents of children on the spectrum, please go to http://community.autismsupportnetwork.com/coping--daily-challenges/f/18/p/116/70753#70753 and add your time zone + what days and times you are available, so we can organize a chat event.

  • I too have wanted to meet other parents going through situation like mine. My daughter is 8 and was diagnosed with aspergers at 2. It has been very challenging since I'm a single mom and her dad has decided dealing with her is to much. She started school shortly after being diagnosed and last year is the first time she received grades . She was on honor roll all year. If anyone wants to contact me you can through my email. danadodson24@gmail.com
  • Hi Pamela

    Can I recommend you give Sara Heath (Shropshire Autonomy) - Google for telephone number and read about her she's brilliant albiet everyone wishes cloning was possible lol
  • Hi Pamela...would love to link in with other parents...my son has Aspergers although not been officially diagnosed...it was 'mentioned' aged 4...I knew he was and yet the whole system let us down...just as they did with my daughter who is dyspraxic. My son is 35 and my daughter 32. My late step daughter was severely dyslexic and diagnosed early on so school helped her. She had various other issues too though in her adult life which ended when she was 41.

    I've been at cracking points so many times...tonight was one of those times hence I'm on here as dawn is breaking! I must get to sleep now but welcome a connection with parents with similar challenges. Hopefully we can all help each other to gain some perspective. I'm a newbie btw.