I think I have Aspergers......

I thought I had ADHD but through participation in an on-line forum for those with ADHD I am beginning to see that I may be processing information differently from others on the site.
  • Anna, I am glad you are finding the comfort you will need. The world is so far, even farther now as I go through a difficulty time, and things are just plain lonely. But writing helps. I think if one could keep the flow of communication, frustration would be less. I write in a journal, on line and also a paper journal and just the movements of my hand seem to take away the hardships. But, I somehow understand and experience what you have written here and I am here to support you, if you need. All the best, Anna.
  • asher31 I am really struggling. The right wing political veiws in the church that I attend seem impossible to negotiate but my son is at these peoples school.

    What do I do?
  • Anna, political views are always biased upon one person. Just listen and disagree. Don't be open to fighting them. Express your opinions in a journal.
  • Thanks asher31.

    I write to somebody in prison for about quarter of a century and send all of my thoughts as they come to me. I write these letters while running the family dogs often by a river or beach. I keep my Bible close to my heart.

    The Minister emailed me today and wanted to know what shift my husband is on.

    I'm beyond thinking about what goes on in this mans head.

    I'm just trying to attend church in a peaceful way.

    It is certainly NOT easy.
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    Hello there. I am new here, and first reply. Since 1991, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Readjustment Disorder, Compulsive Gambling Disorder, Personality Disorder (NOS), Schizoaffective Disorder, Nervous Condition, Social Anxiey, Alcohol Abuse, and I now think how and why diagnoses kept changing. I alwas knew I was an odd duck. I am intelligent, a numbers person, fast learner, very limited social life, yet I try to be a part of the conversation. I used to get kicked out of establishments, due to angry outbursts. I have "stereotypical mannerisms", even though I don't fit that mold. I confuse people when explaining things, Get angry over something easily, shut down when I don't want to talk. I do not know how to communicate when stressed. I have high amounts of energy. Remember dates, license plates, and phone numbers. I can not hold a relationship for more than 5 years. I know people are talking to me, but don't answer them. I interrupt people when they are talking to me. I attempt to hijack others conversations. I like being the center of attention. I am 51 years old, and a friend mentioned Aspbergers. I now know why I know how to be a better person, but I don't know how. Since that word was mentioned, I look back on my 21 yo son. He was diagnosed with ADHD, as a child. I remember being called because he was walking around the class, very fidgety, and nobody knew why. I knew he had behavior which was abnormal. 15 years ago, less was known then than now. Everything now makes perfect sense now. I am glad to know this site proves that I am not alone, like I thought I was. Thanks!!