Autism and COVID

My adult son with autism has a pathological fear of being hospitalised and therefore he has rarely left his home for over a year, i have lobbied GP, Adult services and public health and been informed as he is diagnosed with autism and not Learning disability he is not entitled to a vaccine early, 

His health is suffering due to lack of exposure to fresh air and exercise and if he was given the vaccine I am sure it would help his confidence about going out 

  • I dont know if this is helpful but you could probably arange to get a practitioner to come to the home to give him his shot. My son is severely autistic and all the kids in his group home took the J & J one shot with not compllications. Cooper Pediatrics is offering flue shots in Duluth and Dr. Cooper is used to caring for the Specials needs population, incl my son. Previously I went to any outside agency to have a phlebotomist come to my house to do all his bloodwork.

  • Hi many thanks. My son is supported to live independently in his own flat. He is autistic and was diagnosed at 3 years old. He is high functioning and does not have a learning disability. The vaccine is prioritised for group or care homes and for people who have LD, therefore he is not on priority list. Adult services have told me this is a huge problem for many like my son at the moment