Diagnosed with autism at 50

 Hi  I'm Barry. I'm 58 years old and have Aspergers. I wasnt diagnosed until I was 50. When I was in elementary school I read at a high school level and was proficient on several musical instruments. Since I also had terrible anger issues my parents took me to a therapist. The therapist said since my reading and writing skills plus my musical abilities were so high there was nothing wrong with me. I couldnt do math and still cant. I had no friends, no social skills, my eating habits were strange, and I had stomach problems and hated being touched. I spent my life not being able to hold a job because getting along in a workplace is close to impossible. When I turned 50 I read an article about autism and realized everything I read applied to me. I started seeing therapists and was told nobody my age can get a diagnosis of autism.I finally found a specialist who was willing to test me. When he said yes thats what I have it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. He then told me that there are MANY people who are my age that never got a diagnoses as a child. In the 1970's this kind of diagnosis didnt really exist. Therapists called children like me either lazy, unmotivated, or just fussy. In my experience the worst thing possible is growing older and not knowing why you cant do the things other people do. Jobs, marriage, children, a circle of friends ect. For me knowing that I'm on the spectrum has given me a sense of normalcy. I know what I can and cant do and Im finally at peace with it. If there is anything anybody would like to know please write me and check out my shop. theartismshop.org

  • Welcome to ASN, Barry! Enjoyed reading about your journey - I can relate to so much of it Grin Getting diagnosed helped to give me a lot more certainty about myself and also helped my family members to accept the things about me that they couldn’t change Stuck out tongue winking eye

    Cool T-shirt, too, especially when so many on the spectrum (excluding myself, unfortunately) are remarkably artistic! Which instruments do you play, and where do you perform?

  • Hi Barry
    I am so happy for you. It was an interesting time for me when i was first dxed at 57 Now i am 69. 
    My family was so used to me getting new dxes that another one meant very little to them.  I think it is starting to mean something to a few of them. 

    I am a visual artist. Life is still bumpy. It always is but i understand and learn what they mean. Before i could only guess. 


  • Since the pandemic,I havnt been able to play in public, but I freelance with different bands. I play trumpet, sax, piano and drums. I also design cool t shirts.So glad im meeting people on this site.

  • Thanks Nora. Its very nice to meet you

  • Glad to meet you, too, Barry Grinning

    Wow, that’s a lot of different instruments! I can totally relate to having most of your work cut since COVID-19 hit; I’ve basically been living off of my savings for a year and a half now and hoping that this will end so that things can get back to what used to be normal before I run out Cold sweat